Jamu Seri Pengantin

Jamu Seri Pengantin

Saturday, November 27, 2010

What is Innit?

Innit is Nuffnang's very own blog aggregator! Here at Innit, you can share topics you find interesting with your fellow Nuffnangers, and also view all the topics the Nuffnang community finds interesting.


1) How to use Innit?

On the Innit mainpage, you can view all the posts that your fellow Nuffnangers have submitted. Browse by category, filter by popular or latest. Like a post? Nang it!

2) Do I have to be a Nuffnanger to use Innit?

Yes, you have to be a registered Nuffnanger to access the Innit page.

3) I'm a Nuffnanger but I can't log in to Innit!

Innit is only open to Nuffnangers who have Glitterati membership. If you have any enquiries regarding your membership status, kindly write in to our helpdesk.

4) Ooh, look at the shiny new chatbox!

Oh, you've noticed our new chatbox? It's re-engineered to be even more awesome than it once was. It's now integrated with Twitter, so you can chat in Innit straight from your Twitter account!
To use the chatbox, you can either :
  1. Sign in with your Nuffnang account, and post your message in the Innit chatbox.
  2. Sign in to your Twitter account, tweet your message and include an #innit, or #nuffnanghashtag.

5) What are the do's and don'ts

Share good blog posts, discover new blogs, nang them if you like, dang if you don't, leave a comment, chat with the chatbox, don't spam and read our Terms & Conditions

6) Friends List

You are able to add other Nuffnangers as friends. This will allow you to view latest posts and comments added by your friends in the Friends Submission page. This function is only available when you're logged in.

7) Post Categories

All submitted posts are now sorted into categories which enables you to view list of posts under specific parent or child category.
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